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For Mac users: Option + Right mouse button = brush size (left right) & hardness (up down). Option + Left And it comes back to normal, now I can use Control + option, move mouse to left/ right to change th brush size.
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Answer Wiki. This is quick and easy and can be quicker than reaching for the keyboard or mouse. You can also use the keyboard directly. Using the [ ] left and right square bracket keys and holding the SHIFT key whilst doing the same will adjust the hardness factor. You can also use a programmable mouse, or if you have a tablet with a scroll wheel like the intuos 4 then you can set these devices up to do the same thing.

I hope this helps? Regards, Rob. Thank you for your feedback! Why does Photoshop keep dinging when changing brush size with the keyboard? How can I change a background in Photoshop? In photoshop, how can I make a square brush?

Cursor Size and Shape

Updated Oct 8, Absolutely the best answer. Answered Sep 12, Related Questions How can I create a scroll wheel or date picker in Photoshop?

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How do I enable photoshop snap when creating a border with a brush? Photoshop CC.

How can I create a brush in Photoshop? How can I completely change a color in Photoshop Express without changing the lighting? How can I change the color of objects in Photoshop? How can I change the color of text in Photoshop? How can I change the brush in Photoshop Elements 13 from being rounded to sharp? The painting tools are all grouped below the selection and move tools. There are some common options available for these tools.

Brush Tool keyboard shortcuts

For example, they can all make use of blending modes and adjustable opacity settings. If you have a graphic tablet as your input device which I highly recommend the stylus pressure sensitivity options will become active in the Brush panel and these can offer fine control over some of the tool response characteristics.

The brush tool can be used with a range of brush sizes from a single hard edged pixel up to a large, 5, pixel wide soft edged brush Figure 1. You will note that there are just six standard round brush presets: These allow you to select hard or soft brushes, either with or without pressure-linked controls for size or opacity.

1. Open A New Document

You can adjust the size and relative hardness using the sliders or the shortcut methods described below. The airbrush mode button second from the end in the brush tool Options bar can be used to make the brush tool mimic the effect of an airbrush, producing a spray of paint.

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As you click with the mouse or press down with the stylus, the brush tool responds like an airbrush. If you stop moving the cursor, the airbrush painting continues to spread out until the opacity level you set is reached just like in real life. You can open the Brush panel by clicking on the panel icon to the right of the brush settings menu in the brush tool preset picker list.

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Instead of visiting the Brush Preset Picker every time you want to adjust the size or hardness of a brush, you will find it is much quicker to use the square bracket keys, as described in Figures 3 and 4 to make on-the-fly changes to the brush size and hardness. Figure 3 There is no need to visit the Brush or Tool presets each time you want to change the size of a brush. Use the right square bracket key to make a brush bigger and the left square bracket key to make it smaller.