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The official Emacs fully supports Mac OS X (along with A copy of GNU Emacs 22 without GUI support compiled in is.
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To use nano to edit a file, use the following command:. In place of a toolbar, there is a series of commands at the bottom of the screen. Simply press the Control key plus the letter of the command to perform some action.

And to exit, hit Control-X. Versions of Mac OS X prior to Aside from the Control key combinations, nano is fairly straightforward to use.

PSA: GUI Emacs Broken on Mojave

Arrow keys move the cursor up and down, and whatever you type is inserted wherever the cursor is located. Each of these tools has a long history and feature sets that are even longer. More Stories. Like Clockwork.

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  • How to Nano:.
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GUI Capabilities

Access to the system clipboard is absolutely a must-have. I recall going through long and uncomfortable contortions to get tmux and terminal Vim to share clipboard data with the Linux system clipboard using command line utilities like xsel and xclip. It never worked well, it hung the editor, it was not reliable. Being able to copy and paste freely between your browser or other apps and your editor is a critical time-saver. You are severely missing out if you are using your terminal as a layer in between these functions.

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Pasting into the editor is usually not so bad, but copying out of it is tedious and awful. When using Org Mode to comprehensively organize my entire life, access to features like clipboard sharing and protocol triggers are totally killer.

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There are actually four common modifier keys on any modern keyboard. Those are, in no particular order:. Emacs loves to bind things to super. Since picking up Emacs I have discovered all sorts of ways to make use of the additional key bindings at my disposal when I am using super.