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You can easily install the plugin on your Windows and Mac computers. If you are an IT admin and your company is standardized on Outlook and GoToMeeting.
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Click here for information on how to configure defaults. If you log in to Microsoft Outlook and your ShareFile Plugin appears to be missing, there is a chance your plugin was not installed properly. If the ShareFile Plugin is listed as "Inactive", you may need to enable the plugin manually. Adjust your proxy settings, then restart Microsoft Outlook.

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The plugin supports bit and bit versions of Microsoft Outlook , , , , and It just turned into a hassle, which is why we switched to Webex. Again, I'm sure this could have been a license issue. Probably related is that I couldn't record meetings with GoToMeeting. Again, probably tied to my type of license.

But I have that capability now, which is great. Easy to set up meetings and invite others to participate, whether those were planned in advance or created on the fly. Sharing my screen, running a meeting, and watching the participant panel for questions worked well too.

I loved the layout and ease of switching back and forth to other presenters as needed.

Very collaborative. Using it outside my organization was a big plus. Although vendors used other tools such as Webex or Zoom, they were always able to work in GoToMeeting without a problem. Never hindered work in the slightest.

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I'd love to see recording improved. Perhaps it was just my license, but recording was always an issue for me. May just user error. Who knows, but it was a big enough pain to cause us to look for another solution as an organization. We didn't have integration with Microsoft Exchange, which would have been great to have. It wasn't necessary, but it just took more time than needed to login to GoToMeeting, set up the meeting, and then copy and paste into my Outlook meeting invite.

Maybe this has been addressed, or we just didn't do it as an organization. All could be true. But we didn't have it at the time, and it was annoying. GoToMeeting was great, and I'm sure we weren't using it as well as we could have. But there's something to be said for a name brand in my opinion, and in doing business with other companies, it seems that everyone is using Webex. It's nice to have a solution where everyone speaks the same language, so to speak. When we used GoToMeeting, it was easy to use, but there was a little fumbling around when you had to throw the presentation controls to another user, especially if they were unfamiliar with GoToMeeting.

Again, very easy to use, but it's just getting into something new and unfamiliar that throws people off I think. Steve Shannon.

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Helixa Market Research , employees. We utilize GoToMeeting across our entire organization and two countries. We use it for external meetings with clients, prospects, and partners to show our SaaS platform, and internally for meetings between our New York and Milan offices. GoToMeeting enables us to conduct a wide range of business that would otherwise have to be done less efficiently by phone or in-person. The side panel for conference details attendees, chat etc gives my navigation challenges -- there's too much packed into too little space, and it's hard to find what I need while I'm also presenting.

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Maybe bigger buttons for most used, and minimize or hide the other less used features? For example, I never use chat. When customers join there is a moment of confusion if they have really joined. It would be nice to let people join, see they are successfully connected both visually and audio, and allow the presenter to see the same, and when ready, open the conference so that all can hear and see, avoiding the whole "hello, are you there?

GoToMeeting has the best ration of bulletproof performance for connectivity and reliability, matched to ease of use for invited attendees who may not have a lot of screen share experience. The integration with Google Calendar for letting a user easily add a meeting to their custom link works well, and allows a small moment of business and personal branding.

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Rusty Angell. As a global organization, we needed a solution for meetings that allowed us to have clear face-to-face communication across great distances. We used it across the organization and especially when working with industry associations. The simplicity of the platform allowed us to use it on the fly with customers who weren't previously familiar with the system.

No matter the platform PC, Mac, tablet, etc. Screen sharing, multi-camera support, and document sharing make it easy to present the right info at the right time. While the system is very robust, at times I'd like to see a scaled down option for one-to-one meetings.

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  • Book meetings with one email. No back & forth. No double bookings. And it's free!.
  • GoToMeeting is particularly useful when you need to present content without the ability to be in a room together. It is particularly well suited for face-to-face meetings where you have multiple people. While you can share on-screen content, it is not best if you are trying to deliver multiple files that a meeting participant would need to download and access at a later time.


    Jerome Pierce. TGen Health, Wellness and Fitness , employees. We use GoToMeeting in conjunction with Webex. I really like the integration into Gmail, as we moved from Exchange to Google mail a few years ago. The calendar options work very well, which enables our Admins to schedule meetings with a few clicks of the mouse. GoToMeeting is good for setting up group meetings and 1-on-1's. Jackie Bassett.

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    GoToMeetng is the most accepted enterprise online meeting technology in the world. That, of course, means for large globally dispersed audiences, few attendees will be challenged with viewing or participating in the meetings. They are a sure bet when it comes to compliance. Michael Haberkern. City of Santa Maria Government Administration , employees. We have multiple vendors that use the application and we use it for meetings and presentations across the IT realm.