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How to Remove EXIF Data from Images on Mac Quickly. I use the application mentioned in the article to reduce the size of animated gifs.
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Checking If an Image Has EXIF Data

Strip the junk from your computer with incisive algorithms developed for caches, traces of uninstalled programs, caches, large or obsolete files, and Mail attachments. Importantly, it detects photo duplicates and redundant content giving you a preview option before erasing.

If you neglect your Mac and allow junk to usurp precious slots of space, all processes including launching a file or transferring mass items become sluggish and unpredictable. Free apps annihilate EXIF data completely making third-party tool indispensable for some users.

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Powerful metadata-removal tools expurgate GPS data and other details from multiple files simultaneously. Another option for eliminating location data from photos is to use an online free service.

Click on the Choose File bar, scroll to and tap an image, and then click Open. You can either erase the EXIF data or view it in a click of a button. Downloadable apps include all bells and whistles such as multi-file selection and deletion. For optimum control over the process, capitalize on these features. They allow you to manipulate file size at the behest of image quality or simply excise metadata without distorting appearance.

Microsoft provides the free Document Inspector for nuking personal or sensitive data before you share an Office file.

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Go to their site and follow guidelines for your app version to hide troves of metadata. The site provides a clear step-by-step guide for expunging metadata or surreptitious content from files with the Examine Document feature in Acrobat 9. Instructions to toggle off these devices vary with the model. The supported metadata records include image dimensions, title, resolution, camera model, location, shutter speed, ISO, date and time, copyright information, descriptions, thumbnails etc.

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The amount of metadata displayed depends on the selected file. This makes it super simple to quickly check out EXIF details like the camera model, aperture and exposure without having to open the file in an image editor like Preview or Pixelmator. Likewise, to display only the basic info about the selected file, like its name, creation date, size and more, click the link Show Less. While not the subject of this tutorial, the new Quick Actions feature in macOS Mojave makes it easy to perform basic image edits right from the Quick Look interface or the Gallery view. Quick Actions are available at the bottom of the Preview pane.

Highlight a PDF, for example, and you may see the Markup option or another one to password-protect the document.

How to Remove EXIF Data from Images on Mac Quickly

But the steps you need to follow are exactly the same. Step 4: The first step is to select the desired photo. Note: When you run the shortcut, you will be prompted to request access to Photos app. Ensure you allow access. This will allow you to convert the image to any desired format with an additional option to remove EXIF data.

Exif Everywhere for OS X - Display + Delete Photo's Exif or GPS Metadata

PNG to. This will open up the Share Sheet when you run the shortcut. Step 9: The shortcut is complete.

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Once done, it will prompt you to share the converted photo without EXIF data.