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These are the best monitors you can get right now for your Mac mini.
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For example, data can be transferred rapidly, which is especially useful when it comes to gaming. USB-C also offers charging capabilities, so you can drive your monitor and charge your laptop at the same time with the same cable. Every major name in the monitor game is pumping out the best USB-C monitors these days, so there are a ton to choose from. Yes Screen size: The smaller sibling to the Ultrafine 5K display below, this inch LG monitor was designed with gaming in mind. It features 4K resolution and FreeSync anti-tearing processing, as well as three gaming presets, two custom presets, and two calibration presets.

This monitor is a couple of years old now so it's gotten a lot cheaper - despite the fact it's still a top option for just about anybody. With a curved inch InfinityEdge screen, this Dell monitor is a thing of beauty. The wide work space allows you to work with multiple windows at once, perfect for graphic design or other creative fields. However, it's equally suitable for play i.

The H7 Series doesn't have the high-end specs you'll require for video editing and graphic design, but it's ideal for home or small office users who are willing to pay a bit more to view content on a luxury device. LG obviously built this inch wide-screen monitor with one thing in mind: Its 1ms motion blur reduction, FreeSync technology, and Dyanamic Action sync are all included with the gamer in mind.

But if that wasn't enough, there are three customizable gaming modes: Depends on the usage. Or is there an advantage to usb-c display that I'm not thinking of?

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It's not right in your case, but I'll leave it here in case any macbook users are also looking for a monitor. It says it only delivers 65W of power, but it charges my 15" rMBP no problem. It's only p though, but I have an LG 4K as my main.

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The PHC is the monitor I'm looking at getting! Has it been going well for you since you got it? I have used it every day for work for the past three months and it has worked without any hiccups. It is the main charger I used for my 15" while I work and it's been great for that too. If it is going to be your primary monitor and you want a retina type screen, it is a little low resolution for that, but if you don't care about that then it should be great. Thank you so much. Samsung was no help.

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Newegg has refurbished Bought 2 over the summer and I am very pleased. I like it because its x at 24" so its super crisp and an IPS display as well. Also 4K performance with my MBP is not good. In light mode QHD is fine, but the dark mode feels too Speak for yourself then.

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To each their own, but how could anyone not see a benefit in that? I got mine the other day for my Mac mini.

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But there are better out there. LG 27UKW might not have usb-c but its a beautiful 4k monitor. Console gaming, Mac usage, Netflix from bed. I love the PIP mode and multiple screen display. Has decent built-in speakers. Comes with a remote. Which cable do you use? I have a usb-c monitor but only because it does w PD and data to my laptop.

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What is the purpose of paying a premium for a usb-c monitor for a mac mini that doesn't require such things? I'm curious. Save having to plug a power cable into the monitor itself? Modern 4K displays have a power consumption of up to — Watts and even higher, which is beyond the 15— Watts that current USB-C connectors can supply.

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  • Also, current monitors are designed to receive power input from their main adaptor, not from their USB ports. It's expensive but you can probably also connect a console to it for a gaming experience? I do game from time to time which the mac mini is useless for. Increasing the screen size will drop the PPI even further, widening the quality gap.

    First time Mac user. Waiting on a mac mini to be delivered. I currently have a Dell UW monitor doing x Looking at the specs, it seems that the Mac mini only does 60Hz.

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    Is this the case, or am I misinterpreting? I have a Hz monitor and I am spoiled by the smooth scrolling. For the size of my desk, committing to 27" is overkill. They're refurbished at a plant in Eastern Michigan. I feel it works fantastically. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit Link.