Iwlwifi mac is in deep sleep

Mar 21 localhost kernel: [ ] iwlwifi MAC is in deep sleep!. CSR_GP_CNTRL = 0xFFFFFFFF Mar
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Bug#628444: iwlagn - "MAC is in deep sleep", cannot restore wifi operation

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My wlan turns off from time to time and I cannot activate it again. The module is iwlwifi. The kernel version is 4.

Here are some for my opinion relevant infos of dmesg output. I can send all if it would be helpful: Marking clocksource 'tsc' as unstable because the skew is too large: Failed to wake NIC for hcmd [ Then I got the following errors: Failed to remove MAC context: Could not load the [0] uCode section [ Failed to start INIT ucode: Failed to run INIT ucode: Mageia 6 sta1 DVD How reproducible: Not reproducible. The problem occurs from time to time and not consistently.

Emotionally the problem come when more programs access to the internet. Without understanding the description of this bug, it feels foolish to blindly ask for the information that's suggested here: If its still an issue after that, we'll dig deeper into this Comment 3 Max Perl No problem. I will wait and test it again then By the way: I noticed the problem also on my mageia 5 install not so often at my mageia 6 install, but two or three times I had this or a similar issue Oh, I just saw that my mageia 6 system at the moment I am writing this installs the new kernel: Thanks a lot for all your work!!!

Perhaps the driver loads the wrong firmware? I got with dmesg the following: But I don't really understand anything.

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Please let me know, if you need further informations You can try to move the api 17 fw away by doing: One thing doesn't work: The WLAN connection cannot activated at the boot. I have to connect to the router manually after booting On dmesg I get the following messages: Active Unanswered.

Please help debug Pages: IT Registered: Wlan MAC in deep sleep. Please help debug Hi, I have begun experiencing a most distrubing error with my wlan0 recently perhaps within the last week; at the most 14 days. Mar 21 MAC is in deep sleep!.

Mac Freezes After Sleep on High Sierra and Won't Wake From Sleep? Here's the fix

Failed to update QoS Mar 21 No space in command queue Mar 21 Restarting adapter queue is full Mar 21 Failed to start RT ucode: L1 Disabled; Enabling L0S [ 8. Device SKU: Tunable channels: L1 Disabled; Enabling L0S [ Last edited by Gcool