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Prepare for Silverlight 5 end of support after October Netflix uses Silverlight to stream TV Episodes and Movies to PC and Mac in the same everywhere–without the usual IT hassle of deploying across multiple OS's and browsers.
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Simple integration with existing Web technologies and assets means Silverlight works with any back-end Web environment or technology.

NET, and more. Extensible control model makes it easy to add rich content and behaviors while enabling efficient code-reuse and sharing. Dramatically improved performance for AJAX—enabled Web sites with the power, performance, and flexibility of Silverlight and.

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NET-connected software. Add vector-based graphics and overlays to media with support for integration of graphics that scale to any size and broadcast-style overlays for tickers and closed captioning.

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Flexible ad-insertion solutions with video and animation, including the ability to deliver fluid, broadcast-style video or animated advertisements without loss of visual fidelity or motion quality. Microsoft PlayReady content-access technology that delivers a single solution for digital rights management support on both Windows-based and Macintosh computers for content providers coming in Fall Powerful encoding tools for live and on-demand publishing of media experiences with Microsoft Expression Media Encoder, including hardware-accelerated encoding of WMV and VC-1 at up to 15 times the performance of software alone when paired with a Tarari Encoder Accelerator board.

How do I install the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in on Safari for Mac?

Increase discoverability of rich interactive application RIA content that can be indexed and searched due to the text-based XAML format that describes interface and content in a Silverlight-based application. Rapidly scale applications with Silverlight Streaming by Windows Live to host and integrate software services and media content. Read more. Search Downloads. Tor Browser.

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Mozilla Firefox. UC Browser for Android.

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UC Browser. Opera Mini for Android. Microsoft Edge.

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Safari Browser for Windows. Their top-rated Silverlight app for Windows Phone lets you find show times, watch trailers, browse photo galleries, explore popular charts and share movie information. The highest quality interactive video experiences both live and on-demand across multiple formats while protecting valuable content. Build compelling touch-based apps built quickly using familiar tools and distributed through the Windows Phone Marketplace. Prepare for Silverlight 5 end of support after October Get Silverlight 5 Silverlight is a powerful development tool for creating engaging, interactive user experiences for Web and mobile applications.

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